Welcome to the SV Wilhelmsburg Football-Youth

Experience - Discover - Learn

In the Heart of Hamburg is the home of the SV Wilhelmsburg Club unites different nationalities and Cultures. We are a solid part of the district Wilhelmsburg and want to support the local talents and provide a second home. We work in a positive and familiar athmosphere and convey important values like team spirit and solidarity, which are essential for team sports.

We provide new possibilities by the use of our methods: in addition to the early and effective support of regional talents, we offer individual support for the assumption of different positions and for the qualification as referee or junior-coach. We aim to strengthen the personality of childen and youths by expanding skills and structures, that they learned in sports, to the personal and educational environment. Aside of the physical skills, we encourage the social interaction and the teamwork.

Our exercise instructors and trainers have subject-specific qualifications ofthe areas sports, football, sports didactics, pedagogics, and sports pedagogics. Through those skills, they are able to adapt to individual requirements of different situations and teams in terms of content and organisazion. This guarantees the best possible training-experience.

At the Moment, our club has 17 youth-football teams in total. If you have any questions please contact one of our trainers or contact persons.