Our School-Partnerships

In more than 30 training locations in hamburg, more than 40 licensed trainers support the next generation. The support of young talents is an important concern which is why we support local talents early and effectively. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen the personality of children and youths and adapt sport competencies to their personal and education areas.We also offer the assumption of posts and the training as junior-coach or referee for individual improvement and engangement. For us, sport is more than just simple movement.

Hinweis: unsere Ansprechperson zum Thema Prävention sexualisierter Gewalt (PSG) findest du hier.

Our Contact Partners

We are happy to help you along!

Name E-Mail-Address Phone Number
School-Partnership Management Mariusz Kaminski schulkooperation.svw@gmail.com 0163-9022260
Event- & Support Coordinator Nicole Peters schulkooperation.svw@gmail.com 0163 9022132
PSG Vereinsbeauftragte Ann-Sophie Stuhlmann Stuhlmann@gmx.de
Orga Nicole Peters schulkooperation.svw@gmail.com 0163 9022132
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Our Strengths

We pursue the goals of each of our three priorities by different approaches. In the area sports, we have licensed trainers and pedagogues in educational and non-educational contexts from mass sports to the training of new elites. We also offer the organisation of events like football, self-defense, etc. We encourage social cooperation by integral concepts from a single source for children and youths of all ages.


  • Learn- & Language Remediation
  • School-Associated
  • Prevention of Violence
  • Individual Support


  • Holiday Care
  • Football-Camps
  • Events
  • Build- and Follow-Up of Events


  • Physical Education
  • Various Ball Sports
  • Wrestling & Scuffling
  • All-day Offer

We Provide Quality!

Sports and pedagogics based concepts executed by our professional trainers, adapted for educational needs.

We Know School!

We optimally adapt our services in terms of content and organisation to fit your individual requirements of your location.

If Nothing Works!

Our flexible system enables to adapt to new and dynamic educational and non-educational situations and processes quickly and spontaniously.


You have been around in contact and training of childeren and pedagogical meaningful social intercourse? You are reliable, dedicated and highly proactive? In that case, it it time to apply as trainer in our club.

Your Perspectives

  • Work in a Voluntary Capacity
  • Voluntary Year of Social Service
  • Student- or Mini-Job
  • Part-time Employment

Our Proposition

  • Equipment
  • Supporting the DFB-Licence-Apprenticeship
  • Practical Skills & Experience
  • Opportunity for Advancement